How to choose a mattress


Spring — inside contains spring structures, which support the human body. Spring mattresses are relatively cheap, durable (12-20 years), but not too comfortable. Over time, these mattresses begin to sag under constant loads. The risk of corrosion of metal springs is also not excluded, tuft and needle review.
Springless — instead of springs contains natural and synthetic elastic fillers. Springless mattresses favorably differ from spring analogues with a high level of comfort, lack of creaking and high orthopedic characteristics (first of all, even load distribution).
The reverse side of these advantages is a high price, a long time of getting used (first of all, air and water) and a shorter service life (5-8 years).
Non-spring mattresses are rare types of mattresses.
Water — perfectly distributes the weight of the body, but very heavy (about a ton) and requires regular water changes (1 time in 2-3 years). In case of damage, such a mattress will flood the room with water, and the product itself can not be repaired. Adjust the rigidity of this mattress is quite difficult.
Air (inflatable) — favorably differs from the previous version with ease of use: the stiffness of the mattress can be changed with the help of a special compressor. Of the shortcomings can be noted the noise of the compressor and a very high cost.
Mattress pad — thin mattress, having a height of 2-5 cm, which is spread over the top mattress. Mattress cover protects the mattress against dirt and improves its performance.
Mattress cover is of two types:
Topper — a thin springless mattress that makes the main mattress softer;
Futon — reminiscent of a topper, but differs from it in thickness and composition (may include several fillers).
The mattress is a thin non-woven coating that protects the product from friction against the base of the mattress and dust. The mattress prevents slipping of the light or small mattress. This coating is located directly on the base of the mattress and is fixed in a special way.
Cover — the shell of the mattress, protecting it from contamination and other external influences.


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